Fruit processing and juice production line manufacturing equipment

Development trend of fruit processing The development of fruit processing industry and the type, variety and yield of fruit raw materials are closely linked. Breeding and promoting high quality and high yield of processed seeds, so that the base of raw material production. Improved variety is the future direction of fruit processing. Because of its [...]

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How to choose fruit juice or juice drink?

Fruit juice is the first choice for many people drinks, but for a variety of fruit juice drinks, how do you choose? Food safety experts recommend the "five-step" method of purchasing fruit drinks. Step one: look at the concentration. Fruit juice drinks concentration all will be labeled on the bottle, and you try to choose [...]

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The development of high performance fruit juice machinery is a long way to go

At the present stage, the production and development of fruit juice beverage are oriented: high speed, high quality and high precision. In order to adapt to the large production of the beverage industry and obtain the best economic benefit, the beverage equipment is becoming more and more large scale. The equipment is multi-functional and versatile, [...]

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Can the fruit juice be drunk after the shelf life?

You can't drink fruit juice with bad smell Nowadays, the concept of food safety is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. When you buy fruit juice drinks, the higher the degree of attention to ingredients labels and shelf life. However, the headache for many people is that there are always some drinks at [...]

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Fruit juice and vegetable juice drink is quietly popular

Soft drink, what do you know? Soft drink is natural or man-made beverages with alcohol content of less than 0.5% (mass ratio), which is also called refreshing drink or alcohol-free drink. The main raw material for soft drinks are drinking water or mineral water, fruit juices, vegetable juices or plant extracts of roots, stems, leaves, [...]

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Development prospect of fruit juice production line

How about investing in fruit juice production line? The global fruit juice market is very large, so the demand for fruit juice production lines has been very strong. Here's a brief introduction about how about investing in fruit juice production line. What's the development prospect of future?  I hope to be able to play a [...]

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Applicable range of AGICO fruit juice processing line

Soft fruits: tomato, grape, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, mulberry, orange, mandarin orange, citrus junos, watermelon, cantaloupe and other soft fruits. Pome fruits: apple, pear, calyx seu fructus physalis, kiwi fruit, sea buckthorn, ginseng fruit, figs, hawthorn fruit, rose roxburghli, pomelo, persimmon, matrimony vine, and other fruits. Stone fruits: peach, plum, apricot, mango, olive, loquat, etc. [...]

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Fruit juice processing plant professionally enhance added value of fruits

As we all know that the brand of the product is very important, good brand can bring huge sales. When people buy fruits, they usually choose fruit from a certain place of origin. The fruit of this origin is exactly a brand. With the gradual expansion of reputation, local people see the huge business opportunities [...]

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Fruit juice processing equipment and fruit juice processing line

AGICO specializes in producing all kinds of fruit juice processing equipment. With mature and exquisite process flow, professional equipment design and production, high-quality and high-level service team, our company is an excellent choice for fruit juice industry to succeed. What is fruit juice process flow? Fruit juice contains a large amount of water, sugar, malic [...]

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Mango juice production process and fruit juice production machinery

Why do we need mango juice production process? Mango juice is rich in nutrients, the fruity is very strong, people who like mango will like mango juice. At the same time, mango also has a lot of effect and function, can play a good role in the protection of the health of the body. Mango [...]

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